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From Ron Blaschke <>
Subject Re: Quick glimpse at Forrest's build times
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 20:04:32 GMT
Thursday, August 18, 2005, 4:57:49 PM, David Crossley wrote:

> Ron Blaschke wrote:

>> Unfortunately, very little showed up.  Here's what I did.
>> I ran a CPU profile on both revisions, which wasn't very helpful at
>> all.  Nothing interesting showed up.  "chaperon" seems to eat a
>> significant amount of CPU time, though.

> Is Chaperon being used all the time, or just for
> certain processing? The latter i hope.

Unfortunately, I've already deleted the old CPU profiles.  I'll try to
get a better profile by next week.


>> docs_0_70/changes.html          1,592   9,934   8,342
>> index.html                      1,221   9,184   7,963

> This is the strangest one. The index page is simple.

I'll try to focus on the index page, and try to get some comparable
numbers, like CPU profile, or whatever I come up with.

> Cocoon has a basic Profiler block that we can use to
> debug certain parts of our sitemap process.
> See their live demo:
> We have the Cocoon Profiler block in our core already.

Looks promising.  Can we make this into a plugin, which generates a
"profile.html," with all site URIs listed when creating a static site?

> Perhaps we should also look at simple things
> like rolling back the versions of Xerces and Xalan.

I'll try to get some useful CPU profiles.  I'm still hoping comparing
two profiles will bring up a simple answer (just like the memory
profile did).


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