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From "Gav...." <>
Subject FOR-592 - pelt and i18n clarifications
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2005 12:54:27 GMT
Hi All,

With regard to the above issue , which involves the pelt skin not validating 
if project.i18n is not set to true I would like to clarify and then ask a 
few things.

1. Setting project.i18n in any config file did not seem 
to me to make any difference, the static site produced still did not 
transform i18n at all. Only setting in 
/main/webapp produced a static site that was HTML 4.01 compliant due to the 
i18n elements being transformed correctly.

2. In /main/ there is this if statement.

<!-- If the user wants to build i18n in diferent locations this is one way 
to implemented it-->
        <equals arg1="${project.i18n}" arg2="true"/>
          <property name="" 
location="${}/site/${user.language}"    />
          <property name="" 
location="${}/site"    />

This is self explanatory but I have a couple of questions. This if statement 
checks whether project.i18n is turned on, and acts accordingly and 
correctly. However, this is the only check I can find anywhere (in forrest) 
to see if project.i18n=true.

This also means that in the pelt skin a check is not being made as to 
whether i18n is turned on or not. If it is on, the pelt skin transforms the 
i18n statements correctly. If i18n is turned off, it does not transform 
correctly because it can't , all that gets done is i18n gets removed from 
any tags, leaving untransfromed and invalid code in place. (such as 
<text>...</text> )

Should there be an if statement added to pelt skin to check for 
project.i18n=true and act accordingly, as in provide an alternative if it is 
turned off -- which it is by default.?

3. How long is it acceptable for the forrest site to remain invalid - can a 
temporary measure in the current pelt skin be acceptable, seeing as the way 
skins/themes/views are moving forward in a different direction. (In other 
words is this worth persuing still)

4. Will it be helpful to provide an XHTML1.1 compliant pelt skin, or 
leather-dev as a step forward to XHTML 2.0 (for which there is no 
validator yet)

5. I take it that because of point 1 above, that is built 
dynamically from the svn and that project.i18n is turned off, any reason for 
this, or have I got confused somewhere.?

6. What is the reason for there being a choice in whether i18n is on or off, 
why not it be on all the time and be done with it?

7. Should I become a bit more familiar before asking such questions :)


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