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From "Gav...." <>
Subject Re: Reducing Forrest build time
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2005 10:29:55 GMT

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From: "Juan Jose Pablos" <>

| you need to give time to people to work on issues....
| we do not have dedicated people. We have voluters :-)

I realise this and nearly never posted because of it. This place
has such a friendly atmosphere and it is a case of if you want to
do something and can do it, then go ahead. Apart from the PMC
as such there are no 'roles' to play, no 'jobs' allocated and people
do what they feel they can (or will soon be able to) do.

I wonder though if some volunteers would benefit more from a 
little bit of structure and given a role to do (time permitting).

For the most part it is all hands on deck and do what there is to
do. In the case of knowing relationships and keeping an eye on
for instance Forrest vs Cocoon, this is not an 'issue' to be solved, 
it is not defined anywhere as a task to be done and so therefore
no-one can 'volunteer' to do it.

This can create problems in the future - and it already is beginning
to show, as the gap widens between projects in certain areas.
Forrest may decide to adopt something from Cocoon only to
find out later that Cocoon has decided to go another way and drop it.
(That was possibly a bad and inaccurate example)

So I feel there is a role or two here that can be created - and filled by
volunteers, but they (we) will not do so if it is not known to exist.

I hope I didnt make that sound more complex than it is :~

I think I have wandered into a Simple Commitership thread here
by accident. I do have something to say on that but will say it



| By the way, I found the problem with the performance, I will commit 
| later today...


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