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From Tim Williams <>
Subject [RT] Dynamic Content in Forrest
Date Sat, 23 Jul 2005 01:51:02 GMT
I'm wondering how folks handle dynamic content within their Forrest
sites.  While most folks are probably publishing fairly static, user
independent content, I wonder how folks are handling the dynamic
stuff.  I would imagine there are many folks with 90% of their conent
being xml-based that works well with Forrest, but how do you handle
the other 10%?

Based on what I've read on the history of Forrest, perhaps it was
never intended to solve these problems but I've got to believe that
there are many sites that have a 90/10 ratio of static to dynamic

Specifically, I'm wondering about the following use-cases (there are
others but these are exemplars for discussion:

1)  Permissions.  Do you just use standard web server functionality to
handle permissions?  What happens when you web site scales and you
need credentials independent of the server? Has anyone accounted for

2) Sessions.  Clearly related to the above, what's the approach for a
"session" in Forrest?  There was a discussion recently on Cocoon-users
(i think) that asked what if I simply want to change the site header
depending on who the user is?

3) Discussion Forum/Bulletin Board.  Say I've got a site that's 95%
content but I want to have a simple discussion forum, how do i
integrate it?  I've noticed one of the example sites uses IFrames but
that doesn't seem like a very clean solution to me.

This is obviously just a simple list but the point is that if Forrest
meets 90% of peoples publishing requirements and it can't meet the
other 10%, where does it leave us?  Maybe the answer is just "forrest
isn't for you", but I have to say 90 is a high percent.

I guess the database plugin answers the question when the *content* is
dynamic, so the question is really when we want to integrate simple
applications into Forrest.  Anyway, I throw that out there... 


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