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From Tim Williams <>
Subject Mounting Locationmaps [was: Locationmap fallback}
Date Sat, 23 Jul 2005 01:13:19 GMT
> >>[Slightly OT] I wonder if we should really consider donating this back
> >>to Cocoon. I think this code is of use to a much wider audience than
> >>Forrest and there may be more devs to maintain it there. We have people
> >>here who are committers on Cocoon right?
> >
> >
> > I would like to see this in Cocoon also. Currently I build my own
> > version of the locationmap jar from the forrest sources using a local
> > script but that's not very convenient.
> Consensus here seems to be to work on it here, at least for the
> forseeable future. We should create a target as Nicola suggests to make
> integration with Cocoon easier.
> I hope to sit down with someone more familiar with Cocoon at the
> Hackathon and work out how to enact Unico's recomendations on the Cocoon
> dev list.

Did you get a chance to sit down with any Cocooners on this at
ApacheCon?  I think I've got a better handle on Unico's
recommendations at this point myself.  I think we can probably get
this done.  Let me know what you figured out...

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