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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [proposal] Forrest Wiki
Date Sun, 31 Jul 2005 13:33:38 GMT
Diwaker Gupta wrote:
> On Saturday 30 July 2005 9:21 pm, David Crossley wrote:
>>However, we do need to discuss the Wiki issue as part
>>of the broader documentation effort. So thanks for
>>raising it again. Someone should find the link to
>>the old discussion.
> I believe this is the link:
> I don't have any strong feelings for a Wiki. I just feel our documentation 
> needs more dynamic input. The discussion in the above thread (and its a 
> *really long* thread) was very interesting, but I wasn't able to find any 
> concrete outcome. IIUC, there was loose concensus for a CMS like system for 
> the docs where any registered user can edit content, but only Forrest 
> committers can publish content.

Here's a status update on the Daisy plugin:

It now works fully, including allowing site.xml to be defined with the 
site editor in Daisy. It now communicates directly with the Daisy 
repository rather than the daisy-wiki (i.e. more efficient).

This was rolled out in a test environment late last week. Testing is 
complete in two weeks.


With respect to the Lenya integration (which appears to be favourite 
here for a number of important reasons):

We are still awaiting someone in the Lenya community to set up a Lenya 
instance for us. Thorsten said he would do it when he got back from 
ApacheCon but we need to be patient as he has a week of work to catch up on.

The Daisy plugin should be easily modified to allow content to be 
retrieved from Lenya instead, but without the Lenya instance we cannot 
be sure of this.

We had a number of chats with the Lenya folk at ApacheCon and I think we 
are keen to work together to find a solution. Lenya wants to use Forrest 
fairly deep inside Lenya doing much more than the current Daisy plugin 
does (which is publication only at this stage). However, we agreed that 
the first step was to create a publication plugin like the Daisy one.


It is important to Forrest that all documentation is also available in 
SVN for those without high bandwidth connections to efficiently edit the 
docs. The Lenya folk were telling me about a webDav block that they have 
recently implemented that also writes to SVN when a file is committed 
(or something like that).

We need to explore this with the Lenya community (which brings us back 
to the joint mailing list proposal).



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