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From Anil Ramnanan <>
Subject Re: Config files
Date Fri, 29 Jul 2005 19:30:10 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:

> Yes, the original proposal you made was to allow multiple instances of 
> Forrest to run on different ports, rather than a single instance of 
> Forrest with multiple sites.
I was thinking that a single instance of Forrest with multiple sites 
would be a more efficient method. Such as configuration would certainly 
make that feature of the plugin easier to build.

> However, now that you bring it up it makes more sense for you to spend 
> the time you have allocated to that deliverable on helping us design 
> the perfect configuration system. I particularly like this since there 
> are not enough of us to lead the various design discussions that will 
> come about as soon as we are settled back into things.

I have no problem with that. With the configuration system changing I 
would have to redo some of the features I would be writing anyway. I 
would rather get the configuration right first.

> You are certainly on the right track. If you fancy writing up what you 
> have gleaned from that discussion and Nicola's notes that would be 
> really cool (GSoC mentor hat on - if you lead this design discussion 
> we will scratch the multiple hosting in Eclipse as a deliverable for 
> GSoC in order to make space for it)

I am listening to the config audio and trying to document as much as I 
can. I'll have to save up so that I can come to the next hackathon :)


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