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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Config files
Date Fri, 29 Jul 2005 17:32:39 GMT
Anil Ramnanan wrote:
> I have been listening to the audio of the config meeting and I am trying 
> to understand the discussion. Here is what I have so far and tell me if 
> I am on the right track.

Have you also seen the stuff from Nicola tablet PC? They are what we are 
all looking at as we speak:

<snip what="correct summary of the objectives"/>

> I am interested in this since I am planning to build an option that will 
> allow you to run multiple Forrest projects from within Eclipse.

Yes, the original proposal you made was to allow multiple instances of 
Forrest to run on different ports, rather than a single instance of 
Forrest with multiple sites.

However, now that you bring it up it makes more sense for you to spend 
the time you have allocated to that deliverable on helping us design the 
perfect configuration system. I particularly like this since there are 
not enough of us to lead the various design discussions that will come 
about as soon as we are settled back into things.

Furthermore, it will immerse you into the core of Forrest, something 
that your work on the plugin is not doing at present. I think that is a 
good thing, but you must decide for yourself if you want to do that.

> Am I on the right track so far ?

You are certainly on the right track. If you fancy writing up what you 
have gleaned from that discussion and Nicola's notes that would be 
really cool (GSoC mentor hat on - if you lead this design discussion we 
will scratch the multiple hosting in Eclipse as a deliverable for GSoC 
in order to make space for it)


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