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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: How to become a Forrest committer
Date Fri, 29 Jul 2005 09:11:29 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>As you know I met with many of the Forrest Devs for the first time at
>>Apachecon last week. One of the things discussed was how do we immerse 
>>our Google Summer of Code participant and other new arrivals on the dev 
>>list in the ways of the community. Here is my starter on how to do that, 
>>it is my attempt to describe what *I* see as the "ideal" path from being 
>>a "mere" user to being a leader within the community.
> [ snip lots of good stuff for brevity's sake. ]


> I find that diagram to be very dangerous. Any shape that
> has pointy bits at the top is misleading. The label
> "Leaders" is particularly bad. Perhaps a better term
> would be "Mentors", i.e. those who help others to
> understand the way we do things at the ASF.


> The ideal
> is to broaden and merge the layers so that everyone
> becomes a mentor and assists each other. That is what
> i look for when inviting new committers: their ability
> to be a mentor and to work cooperatively with their peers.


> And i don't want to see "committers" treated as a separate
> layer. So i would like to redraw the diagram as below,
> with meritocracy [1] being the force which tends to merge
> the layers and cause the walls to become more vertical.
>                          _________
>                         /         \
>                        /  Mentors  \
>                       /             \
>                      /  Developers   \
>                     /                 \
>                    /       Users       \
>                   /_____________________\
> [1]

Or perhaps even better (since the purpose of the diagram is to show the 
need for a large user base):

|              Users             |     Developers       | Mentors |

------> Meritocracy drives people in this direction

(reminder, it really would be great if someone could pull these ideas 
into a document for our community)


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