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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: developement pause
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2005 18:11:43 GMT
HANAX wrote:
> Thanx for positive response:) But unfortunatelly, form now on I'll have very little time
for developement. I need to learn for exams a lot of, it will takes whole august and half
of september. I've decided to do at least this piece of work in order others can see what
are the basics. Because there is still unexplored way with views, I think that maybe this
pause is good in fact. 

That is the way of Open Source. People come and go as their time allows. 
You have given us a superb start on something that I, for one, find 
extremely interesting. It would have taken us much longer to learn this 
stuff than it has taken us to help you leverage your existing knowledge.

As you see from another thread, Thorsten has already offered to create 
the view contract for the plugin. This will solve your issue of creating 
a visual representation of the content.

Now I see your code I understand the issue with respect to the grammar 
file. I should be able to solve that pretty easy now.

> My plans for next developement is to cover all elements like <i>, <ul> and
so on with prosody, links with some spelling, etc... Than TOC will be great. For visual output
I really recommend very very simple and plain output with contrast colors because I expect
that .mxml will be rendered especially in accessibility cases. And I've got idea to do some
hiliting during reading - currently read section will be hilited with som background color.
In fact, this will be a virtual cursor as I wrote in my proposal to google (finally it was
good that I not selected, I have too little time now). I thing that vith theese graphical
and audio outputs it will be pretty good help for handicapped people.

Your project, even as it stands, is already proving to be useful in an 
accessibility project I am working on here.

I manage the catalog for a Toy Library for disadvantaged families. One 
of our members is partially blind and has difficulty reading the 
catalogue for her child. As soon as I had played with your plugin I 
called her and played her the audio of one of the pages for one of the 
toys. She was extremely pleased with the results. One Throsten has the 
contract working I will voice enable the whole catalogue for her.

Your work is of great value. I wish you well in your exams and look 
forward to your return to help guide us in the further development of 
the plugin.


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