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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: submit and testing
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2005 11:34:44 GMT
HANAX wrote:
> Ok, after solving "grammar" and "different templates" problems I am ready to submit,

I'd say submit before then, we know these are problems at present, but 
having your code to look at will make it much easier for us to help 
solve the problems.

> but I don't know where and what to write as documentation or instructions... Can you
give me some tips... I've already read "How to Build a Plugin", so I ask mainly what to write
in which file... what write into change log, etc...

The documentation should be a part of the plugin as described in the How 
To. The format of the documentation is a standard Forrest XDoc and is 
documented at and

In terms of what to put in there, you need to describe:

- what the plugin does
- how to set up a test environment
- how to use the plugin
- an overview of how it works

The structure of the documentation is entirely up to you. I would 
recommend just two pages, an index page with the first three bullets and 
an "implementation" page with the last bullet.

Don't worry too much about it being perfect. Something to get us started 
is what we need. Others will come along after you and add clarifications 
and corrections. Your goal with the initial docs is to make it easy for 
devs to use your plugin, so you can keep them fairly technical (although 
user level docs are always a bonus).

The change log is used to describe any major changes after a release so 
you need not worry about that too much right now. It is only once it 
goes into SVN that we need to maintain the changelog.


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