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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: submit and testing
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2005 10:44:14 GMT
HANAX wrote:
> If I should upload my work, how?

Create a zip and attach it to an issue on the issue tracker -

> And second - in what state sould be work uploaded? I mean, now I have really basic functionality
finished, when is goot time to upload?

In Open Source you will often here "release early, release often". In 
other words, get people to look at your code as early as possible, this 
will encourage contributions and will give them the chance to give you 

It does not need to be complete, just complete enough to allow others to 
play with it. We have a special whiteboard area for code that is still 
in the early stages of development.

> Who will test my work (except me :) ? X+V technology is pretty new, which browser should
be used for testing?

I will certainly give it a play when I get time. As for which browser, I 
don't know you will have to tell me. Your contribution should include 
some docs on how to set up an environment in which we can test the X+V 
stuff, i.e. what browsers, what additional software i requried, where to 
get it from etc.

The more detailed these instructions the more likely you are to find 
people testing your plugin.


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