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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject additional resources for plugins (was Re: problem)
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2005 22:57:57 GMT
HANAX wrote:
> The second thing: I have external grammar in .jsgf file. I need to use it in .xsl. So
I ask which path I should use and how to make that the .jsgf file will be copied to buided
site when plugins takes its job. Example:
> <vxml:grammar src="..\Grammars\simple.jsgf"/>
> So after site builging I need to have simple.jsgf in Grammars folder next to my index.mxml
file. How to make this? Is that path ok or should I use different path? How to tell forrest
"copy this file from here to there when you are buiding"?

It depends on who creates this grammar. Is it the site designer, the 
content editor, the plugin designer or some automated process? Forrest 
separates all these roles so it would be a different location for each.

Why does it need to be "next to" the index.mxml file? Can you please 
explain the use case in more detail.


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