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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: locationmap editor (was Re: Wizard for Views)
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2005 12:19:52 GMT
Anil Ramnanan wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>> That's your call. I've not looked at Lepido in detail so can't really 
>> advise other than to say we should consider the Lepido solution (note 
>> that if we leverage the Lepido plugin we get all their other editors 
>> for free as well). There's still plenty to finish off in the site.xml 
>> and tabs.xml editors so we can afford to wait for a short while.
>> I'm hoping to look at Lepido at the tail end of this week so maybe we 
>> can revisit this then, but first I want to provide some feedback on 
>> the current editors.
>> Ross
> I got a reply on the dev mailing list and they say that they are waiting 
> for the next version of the WTP milestones to come out which should be 
> on Friday (29th).

Cool, we'll wait till then in the meantime we may as well move on to the 
next requirement. (by the way, things are progressing very well, this is 
great work and it is great to see you becoming involved in the community 

> They were also intersted in the plugin as they were saying that the may 
> consider having sub-projects in Lepido for Cocoon-related projects. I 
> was not quite sure how to reply to that.

I'm part of the "interested parties" listed in the original proposal for 
the Lepdio project (as a result of the Burrokeet project which is 
Eclipse based). I met with Sylvain (from Lepdio) at ApacheCon I'll jump 
in on the thread on the Lepido list.

My current thinking is that the plugin should stay here, but link with 
Lepido. We can revisit when Forrest and the plugin is stable, unless 
Lepido come up with a good reason to do otherwise.


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