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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: [jira] Created: (FOR-588) Design new config system
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 21:00:34 GMT
Anil Ramnanan wrote:
> Ross Gardler (JIRA) wrote:
>> We need a new config system for Forrest to enable the specification of 
>> multiple Forrest sites. within a single instance of Forrest and to 
>> accomodate the changes brought about by forrest:views, themes and 
>> plugins.
> What does this new config system mean for the file ? 

We don't know exactly what will happen, it's been mentioned a number of 
times and was discussed at ApacheCon. We haven't designed the solution 
yet. See the issue I linked to for what little info there is at this stage.

One thing you can be fairly sure of is that will 
disappear. You will see the discussion when everyone is back from 
ApacheCon, so you will have plenty of chance to contribute.

> I am supposed to be building an editor or but myabe 
> Is hould be building a Forrest configuration editor instead ?

Good point. It will, most likely, be driven by an XML schema, so 
hopefully it will be pretty easy to create an editor for it. However, 
you needn't worry about it at this stage. Obviously you can't write an 
editor for something still being designed. So spend the time allocated 
for that on helping us get the design right.


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