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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Documentation for Eclipse Plugin
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 11:37:46 GMT
It is getting increasingly difficult for myself and others to test the 
Eclipse plugin due to a lack of documentation. There appear to be a 
great many classes that are present but not actually working as yet. 
However, it is difficult to see if this is a bug or in progress work.

Can we please have documentation for working features and issues for 
non-working features so that we can proceed to test and give sensible 
feedback. I think it is very important that now you have got a 
reasonable amount of code working we give you timely feedback.

The best way to do the documentation is to add relevant pages to the 
site-author section of SVN and, as new features are added these 
documents are updated with a note and, where appropriate, a screenshot.

For example:

Site Navigation Editor

The site navigation editor is enabled by:

Window -> Show View -> Other... -> Forrest -> SiteXML -> OK

This will open a new view. Now, when you select a Forrest project in the 
navigator view you will see the site.xml file represented as a tree in 
this view:



In this documentation you can add notes about "in progress" work using 
our <fixme author="..."> element, for example:

Locationmap Editor


The locationmap editor is not yet fully oprational. You can display the 
view, but the locationmap file is not yet loaded when you select a 
Forrest project.


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