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From Cyriaque Dupoirieux <>
Subject Re: [Views] Export-links
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 09:54:20 GMT
Ross Gardler a écrit :

> Cyriaque Dupoirieux wrote:
>> Hi,
>>    The export link templates do not use the skinconf file - that is 
>> if you disable the pdf link, it is always generated...
>>    Is it the way you want to use views or do we still allow the user 
>> to configure his site with the skinconf file ?
>>    IMO it is easy for the user to set these export links via the 
>> skinconf file and to add at the beginning of each templates :
>>        <xsl:if test="not($config/disable-pdf-link) or 
>> $disable-pdf-link = 'false'">
>>                <!-- xhtml generation... -->
>>          </a>
>>    So, the default.fv will always call the export-link.vt.xml, which 
>> will generate what is needed.
> Skinconfig should is not used in Templates (Views) + Themes. More info 
> by searching the archives for "per plugin config" and other such 
> threads. Basically we want to be able to configure page display on a 
> per page or per directory basis. Hence the ability to override the 
> *.fv files.
> In other words, the PDF page should only be generated when there is a 
> link to it in the site itself.
> So if we have a default Template (was View) that turns on the PDF link 
> but we have a special page called "noPDF.html" which overrides the 
> default and turns off the PDF link then PDF should be generated for 
> all pages *except* the "noPDF" page.

Ok, so you will think the same for the several alternate locations that 
we can find in the pelt skin : for instance, the search box can be at 
the tabs level or in the menus. For you, only the Template (View) will 
decide if you want to display the Search box and where you want to 
display it.

In fact :

    * the tags <disable-???-link/> can be considered as deprecated with
    * attributes @location or @location-box also...

I like it.
But then, because nothing is simple, we should not test the 
motd-page/@location nor the minitoc/@location in the following :

    * content-minitoc.ft,
    * content-motd-page.ft


> Ross

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