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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Add support for Googles sitemap protocol?
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2005 07:14:07 GMT
Rasik Pandey wrote:

>  > This is a good point. How about also also providing a generator that
>  > would get the last modified header of remote resources. The results of
>  > the two could be aggregated together.
> I think 

> <>

> would do the trick, although it would have to be modified to make a call 
> to get the "last-modified" header, so hopefully we could get that added 
> to a future release of cocoon. With a quick examination of the code, it 
> looks like it will crawl a URL and generate an xml report, allowing 
> includes and excludes expressions.

We can create a new generator that extands the LinkStatusGenerator and 
house it here. If Cocoon want it we will remove it from here at a later 

>  > However, this still is not totally robust, becayse some remote resources
>  > will always indicate that they have changed even when the content has
>  > not (for example Daisy tracks changes to meta-data that Forrest does not
>  > currently use).
> What strategy do you propose to handle this case if any?

This is a special case. I would not worry about it just yet. The Daisy 
plugin is still in the whiteboard anyway. In fact the one that is in SVN 
right now would work with the above approach, it is the one on my hard 
drive that would have a problem.

>   >> I may need some assistance to know how to build in hooks from
>   >> skinconf.xml to the sitemap format generation.
>  > I'm not sure what you mean by that. But there are plenty of people here
>  > to answer your questions as they arise.
> I am sure there will be a need to allow users to specify a configuration 
> for this like the includes/excludes on the LinkStatusGenerator crawls 
> and maybe the <changefreq> value for the google sitemap format.  Can you 
> give me a quick overview of how params make it from the skinconf.xml to 
> the sitemap(s) or xsl(s)?

This should not be configured from skinconf.xml. There a few reasons for 
this, firstly it has nothing to do with the skin, which is about the 
look and feel of the site. Secondly because skins (and therefore 
skinconf.xml) are being deprecated in 0.8 in favour of views. Finally 
this should be an output plugin and therefore needs to be configured 
from the plugin.

The variables in the sitemap, such as {project:stylesheets} are defined 
in forrest.xconf and are given values from during Ant 
script (the init target if I remember correctly). However, since this is 
a plugin we do not want to be adding new config values to So again, the config needs to be in the plugin.

How do you do that?

We don't know yet. We have discussed it quite a few times but have not 
yet come up with a final solution. Although Thorstens recent work on 
View configuratoin has made some of the options we talked about possible.

Since we don't yet know a solution for this perhaps we can work the 
other way around. When you get to the point of needing to add these 
configurations tell us exactly what you need to do and we will use it as 
a use case for defining the per plugin configs.


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