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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: TOC in output plugin - solved :)
Date Sat, 09 Jul 2005 21:07:04 GMT
HANAX wrote:
> ok, this one works :)
> But still xhtml serializer throws error, but probably i don't really need it... I've
already read about serializers, about xhtml specifically but there is too little information
for me, for example i stil don't know how it transforms its input, or what it really does..

It doesn't transform the output, it simply serialises for consumption by 
whatever requested the document.

> Finally one question: where I can find xdoc specification? I mean, I know structure and
elements of the input file but it goes 
throgh several transformations during input and internal processing, 
doesn't it? So are there some informational elements or attributes 
added? How it will be modified? Which elements are allowed in xdoc? Can 
I use any element I want?

The XDoc DTD is at
There is a reasonably complete example at

However, I think what you are really asking is what are the intermediate 
steps between XDoc and the XHTML output. The answer to this depends on 
whether you work with skins  or views. In 0.8 skins will be deprecated 
and replaced with views. So, as Torsten suggests you should really be 
working with views. Unfortunately, there is very little newbie 
documentation for views.

The problem we have now is that we (I think I speak for all other 
developers here) do not understand the voicexml schema. I think the best 
way to progress now is to describe exactly what you need to achieve. 
That is, create a simple XDoc and then create an XHTML representation of 
that document with the voiceXML markup. If you provide both of these 
documents we will be able to understand what you want to achieve and 
Thorsten can tell us how to do it with views.

Does that sound like a sensible course of action?

> I hope today I make some good progress and read a lot of documents, so for now it's time
for bed :)

It certainly sounds like you have achieved allot. You deserve a good sleep.


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