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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: TOC in output plugin
Date Sat, 09 Jul 2005 16:42:05 GMT
HANAX wrote:
> Thanx for help. So I'll write some details here.
> First I need to make element in header for every section in document. This element will
be a voice form. I'm really confused about so many informations a read yestereday, so I'll
need some step-by-step hints how to begin... Now I have one xsl file which matches sections
and produces Hello-world string fo each, but thi is really very far from that one I need :)

It would be much easier for us to answer your questions if you provided 
a use case and examples of what you have done and are trying to do. Try 
and keep it simple so we can keep the explanations simple. For example:

Suppose I have the following XDoc:

     <title>My Document</title>
       <title>Section 1</title>
         <title>Section 1.1</title>

       <title>Section 1</title>

Now if you could provide us with an example of what you want to turn 
this document into and describe at what point you are having diffuiculty 
we can provide a concrete example.

> Second, I don't know anything about .ft, is that forrest template file or what? What
is the syntax? Or more general question - where I can find informations about elements and
theirs attributes of xml input (stream that comes as input for my output plugin)? I saw some
tag body with attribute mode set to TOC. What does it mean?

I would not worry about views at this stage. They are not appropriate at 
this time. We must first get you going with the basics of what you need 
to do. We'll implement a simple case first. Once you understand the 
basics, and we understand what you are trying to do we can advise on the 
best way to implement your final solution.

> And last, what about views you wrote? How view plugin differ form others?

Views are still at an early stage of development. Their design is likely 
to change quite rapidly now that a few of us are working on them. This 
is one reason why it is best to avoid them, at least until you 
understand the core concepts.

To answer your question though, see


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