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From Anil Ramnanan <>
Subject Re: [eclipse] How to install?
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 21:05:52 GMT
Thorsten Scherler wrote:

>Hello Anil, hello Ross,
>how can I install the eclipse plugin Anil is writting?
>Which are the requirements for eclipse?
>I tried with Version: 3.0.2, but I could not managed to install it. 
>Please advice.
I am currently using Eclipse 3.1 with the EMF/JEM/GEF Updates and the 
Web tools project. Here are the instructions for the installation of the 
proper plugins from the readme file. This should get you up and running.

Getting Eclipse

If you use Eclipse and an XML plugin as your usual editing environemnt I
recomend that you have a completely separate installation for this work.
The reason being there is a pre-alpha XML editor in there and it may not be
as good as your existing environement yet (I'd love to know what is 
about it so I can feed it back to the WTP project at Eclipse). If you don't
use eclipse for XML editing at present then just use your normal 

- download Eclipse 3.1M7 (you need the full SDK)

- Extract the complete tree it into a new directory
  (we named it forrestEclipse)
- Run forrestEclipse/eclipse.exe

Installing Required Plugins

- Help -> Software Updates... -> Find and Install
  - select "Search for new features to install"
  - check the selection box for " update site"
  - expand the " update site" tree node
  - ensure that the following  options are checked
    - EMF SDK 2.0.1
    - GEF SDK 3.0.1
    - JEM
  - click "Next"
  - wait while eclipse checks for updates
  - check (at least) the following updates
    - Eclipse Modelling Framework
    - EMF SDK
    - EMF Service Data Objects
    - Graphical Editing Framework
    - XSD Sxhema Infoset Model
  - click "Next"
  - accept the license aggreement (after reading it of course)
  - click "Next"
  - click "Finish"
  - you will be asked if you want to install various plugins, just
    click "Install"
  - this will take a while, especially if you are on a slow connection
  - once all plugins are installed you will need to restart forrestEclipse
- Check the plugins are all installed correctly
  - Help -> Software Updates -> Manage Configuration
  - Ensure the configuration dialog is set to display disabled features
    - third button from left in the toolbar should be depressed
  - You should see the following features enabled (i.e. they do not have 
a little
    red no-entry sign on their icon
  - If any are disabled then enable them by selecting them and clicking 
    in the right pane
- install the the WTP project
  - download page is
  - extract the zip into forestEclipse
- restart forrestEclipse using the command "eclipse.exe -clean" (this will
  reload all the plugin descriptors, you do not need the "-clean" flag in
  subsequent restarts


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