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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: plugin domain name
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 10:54:44 GMT
HANAX wrote:
> Sure, you can share proposal. 

Thanks, I'll do that in a different thread.

> I've already read document about naming conventions but don't understand difference between
hosting it myself or donating to Apache, therefore I asked that question.

If you donate the code to Forrest (and we accept it) then you will 
assign all copyrights to the ASF who would release it under the ASF 
license, furthermore the ASF will provide legal oversight and continued 
management of that code. The plugin would be distributed via the ASF 
infrastructure and developers on it would contribute via the Forrest 
project (i.e. here).

If you choose to manage the plugin project yourself you will have to 
find hosting for it and its developer community elsewhere (for example 
Sourceforge). You would be responsible for the legal oversight of the 
code but could release it under any license you choose.

I cannot advise you directly as to which option to take. It really 
depends on your longer term intentions with the plugin. However, here at 
Forrest you have a ready made community ready and willing to help 
develop the plugin.

In order to develop the plugin here you would submit patches to our 
issue tracker (we'll help you figure out how to do this if you do not 
already know).

If you have any specific questions or would like any further 
clarification please ask.

> Another question: I've read words Forrest and Eclipse together several times. How theese
relate? Can I use Forrest in Eclipse?

This is really a question for the user list, and for a different thread 
(please keep questions on topic, it makes it easier to find things in 
the archive). However, since you have asked here, I'll be lazy and 
answer here:

Forrest is in no way dependant on Eclipse. However, there is a plugin 
for Eclipse that allows you to work with Forrest. Currently it provides 
ways to do things like start/stop the server, seed a new site, build a 
site or a war etc.

We are currently enhancing this plugin with editors and wizards to make 
it easier for end users to work with Forrest.


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