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From Johannes Schaefer <>
Subject Re: s5 output plugin enhancements
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 09:05:09 GMT

Ross Gardler schrieb:
> Johannes Schaefer wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Since I'm going to present about Forrest, why not
>> do it in Forrest itself? So, I had a look at the
>> s5 slides output plugin.
>> The documentation is buggy, and some things in the
>> plugin don't work. I started playing around with
>> the xsl and css files but before I'm going to change
>> anything substantial I would like to know if anybody
>> else is using this plugin and if there are specific
>> requirements.   E.g. presenters at ApacheCon?!
> Yes, we are using it for ApacheCon. Ive made quite a few enhancements
> and fixes but not ound the time to release. I'll upload the new plugin
> now. Download it in 10-15 mins from the time of this mail.

I'll have a look ... will it show up in svn or
as an update to the official plugin?

>> Some questions I have that I still don't know
>> how to resolve
>> * Images simply don't show up, might be due to
>>   the s5slides/ additional "directory"
> They do in the zip I'm going to send you.
>> * Also the background image won't show
> Not played with this one. There are background images in ours too. I

found the place to put it (for now):
  s5slides/ui/bodybg.gif from where the XML file lives

But I'll see your changes first.

> suggest you ask Ferdinand to send you a copy of our Apachecon
> presentation. I don't want to send it without his permission as it is
> his content too, but you have mine now (please don'r reuse any content
> other than the s5 stuff, we have to assign copyright to ApacheCon).

Don't worry.

>> Then there is (again?!) the question how to
>> make this plugin configurable, colors etc.
>> without messing around directly with the CSS.
> With the S5 plugin you have no choice I'm afraid as the CSS is provided
> by s5 itself and I have not played with extending it yet. The zip I am
> going to send you has a totally different skin to the one in the
> download zip, and there are more skins to download from the s5 project
> site (linked from the plugins home page).

I saw them. Started to get some ornage into it
(see ;-)

Thanks for the fast response!

> Ross

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