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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: s5 output plugin enhancements
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 08:49:12 GMT
Johannes Schaefer wrote:
> Hi!
> Since I'm going to present about Forrest, why not
> do it in Forrest itself? So, I had a look at the
> s5 slides output plugin.
> The documentation is buggy, and some things in the
> plugin don't work. I started playing around with
> the xsl and css files but before I'm going to change
> anything substantial I would like to know if anybody
> else is using this plugin and if there are specific
> requirements.   E.g. presenters at ApacheCon?!

Yes, we are using it for ApacheCon. Ive made quite a few enhancements 
and fixes but not ound the time to release. I'll upload the new plugin 
now. Download it in 10-15 mins from the time of this mail.

> Some questions I have that I still don't know
> how to resolve
> * Images simply don't show up, might be due to
>   the s5slides/ additional "directory"

They do in the zip I'm going to send you.

> * Also the background image won't show

Not played with this one. There are background images in ours too. I 
suggest you ask Ferdinand to send you a copy of our Apachecon 
presentation. I don't want to send it without his permission as it is 
his content too, but you have mine now (please don'r reuse any content 
other than the s5 stuff, we have to assign copyright to ApacheCon).

> Then there is (again?!) the question how to
> make this plugin configurable, colors etc.
> without messing around directly with the CSS.

With the S5 plugin you have no choice I'm afraid as the CSS is provided 
by s5 itself and I have not played with extending it yet. The zip I am 
going to send you has a totally different skin to the one in the 
download zip, and there are more skins to download from the s5 project 
site (linked from the plugins home page).


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