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Subject Re: Views... or Templates?
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2005 15:09:13 GMT
> I have been thinking a lot about "Views", the positioning in the Forrest
> concepts and the naming.
> I came to the conclusion that the best thing to do is to call them
> Forrest Templates. It's the templating system that is used to style the
> pages.

+1 - views is confusing for a number of reasons. The most important (in
addition to Nicola#s observations) is that Eclipse uses the terms views
and this already created some confusion when we were discussing Anils
work. Secondly, Cocoon uses views in the sitemap. We don#t use them yet,
but we may do in the future. The less duplicated names the better.

Potential for confusion arises because Thorsten uses forrest:template when
defining a contract. This could become forrest:contract I think.

> At this point, one thing comes to mind... what makes this different from
> other templating systems? I mean, why not use [Velocity], [XSLTAL] or
> JXpath templates from Cocoon?

Ditto for the Cocoon Portlet (more on this when I am at home rather than
in a noisy german cybercafe - actually a tapas bar in this case - much

> Whichever system, the Forrest templates will be the first to be called
> for processing, and they will be resolved through the locationmap
> instead of the source files as now. Then, the template found will point
> to the source(s) needed, and again ask for those through the locationmap.

Hmmm.... disucssion needed here. I've been working on differnet models for
this. will post mz thoughts later next week. One thing is for sure, we
have to consider the changes that are required.


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