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From "HANAX" <>
Subject RE: Re: submit and testing
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2005 12:27:50 GMT
> HANAX wrote:
> > If I should upload my work, how?
> Create a zip and attach it to an issue on the issue tracker - 

ok, my archive is ready... but i don't know how to use that tracker... can you help please?

> > And second - in what state sould be work uploaded? I mean, now I have really basic
functionality finished, when is goot time to upload?
> In Open Source you will often here "release early, release often". In 
> other words, get people to look at your code as early as possible, this 
> will encourage contributions and will give them the chance to give you 
> feedback.
> It does not need to be complete, just complete enough to allow others to 
> play with it. We have a special whiteboard area for code that is still 
> in the early stages of development.
> > Who will test my work (except me :) ? X+V technology is pretty new, which browser
should be used for testing?
> I will certainly give it a play when I get time. As for which browser, I 
> don't know you will have to tell me. Your contribution should include 
> some docs on how to set up an environment in which we can test the X+V 
> stuff, i.e. what browsers, what additional software i requried, where to 
> get it from etc.
> The more detailed these instructions the more likely you are to find 
> people testing your plugin.
> Ross

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