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From Diwaker Gupta <>
Subject Re: [RT] Dynamic Content in Forrest
Date Sat, 23 Jul 2005 18:06:31 GMT
Personally, I don't think of Forrest as the panacea of web publishing. IMHO 
Forrest does one thing (well, more than one!), and does it well. I don't want 
Forrest to do everything for me, because there are better solutions out 
there. More comments inline.

On Friday 22 July 2005 6:51 pm, Tim Williams wrote:
> I'm wondering how folks handle dynamic content within their Forrest
> sites.  While most folks are probably publishing fairly static, user
> independent content, I wonder how folks are handling the dynamic
> stuff.  I would imagine there are many folks with 90% of their conent
> being xml-based that works well with Forrest, but how do you handle
> the other 10%?

I guess a lot depends on *what* this dynamic content is. I run a blog and a 
photo gallery and use dedicated toosl for those (Wordpress, Gallery2)

> 1)  Permissions.  Do you just use standard web server functionality to
> handle permissions?  What happens when you web site scales and you
> need credentials independent of the server? Has anyone accounted for
> that?

Like I mentioned before, I'd rather choose a tool that was meant for serving 
dynamic content rather than try to get Forrest to do it (its good for 
hacking, but perhaps not for production). All good forum/blog/CMS/gallery 
tools come with multi user support, fine grained access control etc.

> 3) Discussion Forum/Bulletin Board.  Say I've got a site that's 95%
> content but I want to have a simple discussion forum, how do i
> integrate it?  I've noticed one of the example sites uses IFrames but
> that doesn't seem like a very clean solution to me.

This is a good example of why I think Forrest is an overkill for such 
applications. I mean why would anyone want to write a forum post in or DocBook, or want to have forum posts output as text/PDF. 
What forums *do* need however is a good database backend, indexing, 
authentication, messaging and so forth.

> This is obviously just a simple list but the point is that if Forrest
> meets 90% of peoples publishing requirements and it can't meet the
> other 10%, where does it leave us?  Maybe the answer is just "forrest
> isn't for you", but I have to say 90 is a high percent.

I'm not sure I agree. Forrest meets 100% of my demands as far as static 
content goes. But static content is maybe like 30% of what I publish. I know 
its possible to run forrest in 'run' mode, but how many live Forrest websites 
actually do that?

But thats just me :-)


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