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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Modification of OpenOffice documents not visible while using 'forrest run'
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2005 13:38:48 GMT wrote:
> We're using forrest 0.6 with OpenOffice source documents in a productive
> environment. At present we try updating forrest to version 0.7, because
> we would like to use plugins.
> Unfortunatly we encounter the following problem: Working with 'forrest
> run' while modifying OpenOffice documents isn't usable, because the
> HTML pages don't get updated like they used to with forrest version
> 0.6. More precisely, the first browser refresh is succesfull, but after
> another modification of the OpenOffice documents refreshing the browser
> has no effect.
> I think the open and unassigned issue FOR-495 in apache's jira bug
> tracking system already deals with our problem. Does anybody know know
> a workaround or were I can start looking for the problem?
> Thanks in advance.

Ross is now leaving ApacheCon, but asked me to reply.
There is information about this on
Search for zip protocol. Ross has it working locally but
needs to investigate some potential license issues.
Why it is different for forrest-0.6 i don't know, and
Ross didn't talk about that.

Hope that helps.


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