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From Diwaker Gupta <>
Subject Re: jars for deploy.ftp
Date Sun, 17 Jul 2005 08:34:04 GMT
On Sunday 17 July 2005 12:50 am, David Crossley wrote:
> Could that technique also be appplied to the other
> "deploy" targets?

Yes. Anything that uses a <fileset> can use the <modified> selector (which 
means all tasks). 

There's only one small catch -- if something bad happens during a deploy (say 
the server goes down), then a subsequent deploy will not copy any files at 
all since the cache would have been updated with the latest hash values.

There are 2 workarounds:

o make the use of modified selector a configurable item
o flush the cache of hash values so that its regerated

I tried to do the first option (using the <if> task), but couldn't get it to 
work. So right now the modified selector is enabled by default. I guess its 
easier to do the 2nd workaround.

Once I have a stable solution, I'll fix all the other deploy targets as well.

> Go for it. The main issue is the licensing aspects,
> which do seem to be covered in this case.
> Follow the naming convention for our other jars.
> Put a license file with the same file basename.

Done. I've updated the forrestbot documentation as well.


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