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From "HANAX" <>
Subject RE: Re: plugin domain name
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 10:38:47 GMT
Sure, you can share proposal. 
I've already read document about naming conventions but don't understand difference between
hosting it myself or donating to Apache, therefore I asked that question.
Another question: I've read words Forrest and Eclipse together several times. How theese relate?
Can I use Forrest in Eclipse?
Od: "Ross Gardler" <>
Predmet: Re: plugin domain name
Dátum/Čas: 5. 7. 2005 0:42:42

> HANAX wrote:
> > Greetings
> > 
> > Few day ago I subscripted to this mailing list and I've observed that this is the
place for discussion.
> Welcome.
> For the benefit of other devs here, HANAX submitted an outstanding
> application for the Google Summer of Code programme. With his permission
> I will share his proposal with the community so that you have an idea of
> who he is and what his proposed plugin is.
> I had rated both his and Anils proposal as being ones a I would like to
> mentor. Unfortunately there were not enough projects available to Apache
> for us to have two projects within Forrest (despite Apache having more
> awards than any mentoring organisation). Anils project has a wider user
> base and so became the one to receive an award.
> Since I had been very impressed with HANAX, his proposal and his
> collaboration on creating the proposal I invited him to join our
> community anyway. I am thrilled to see him here and am sure he will he
> will find us a welcoming bunch.
> The initial project description can be found at
> HANAX, can I share your proposal with the community via this public list?
> > So my first question is: I want to make voice plugin. Which domain name I have to
use for plugin name?
> By domain name I assume you mean the name of the plugin, for example:
> org.apache.forrest.plugin.output.Voice
> If you do then we have naming conventions documented at
> If it is your intention to donate the plugin to Apache (and I sincerely
> hope it is) then the above suggested name would be ideal. If you wish to
> host the plugin yourself then use the naming conventions to help you
> decide on a suitable name.
> If I have misunderstood your question, sorry, I'll try again if you
> rephrase it.
> Ross

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