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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: InDesign PlugIn
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2005 19:34:32 GMT
I will answer in English and to the list, see below why.

On Wed, 2005-07-06 at 12:45 +0200, Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
> Hallo Thorsten,
> wie Du weisst werden Ross und ich am 20.7. gemeinsam einen Vortrag über
> Forrest auf der ApacheCon halten.
> Dabei würden wir gerne Dein Output-plugin für Indesign
> demonstrieren (natürlich mit dem Hinweis wo das zu bekommen ist).

The question of ferdinand is whether he and ross can use the indesign
plugin I developed for a client in their presentation.

> Meine Fragen dazu:
> - Wäre Dein Auftraggeber bereit, uns dieses PlugIn auf dem AC
>   demonstrieren zu lassen?

His question is whether that is alright with my former client (project
is over). I wrote my client but did not get any answer yet. Anyway due
to the fact that he did not want it to release as opensource I guess his
answer will be no.

>   Wenn nein, erübrigt sich die Frage 2:

Ferdinand writes that if the answer is no then the next question did not
need an answer. I disagree, read on. ;-)

>   - Funktioniert dieses Plugin schon so gut, dass man aus einem
>     Forrest-Dokument eine ID-Importdatei machen und sofort importieren
>     kann? Wenn nein, was kann es bisher und was nicht.

The question is whether the plugin was working with a xdocs as input and
whether it is possible to create an inx file (indesign exchange format)
from the xdocs with it. If not what is possible with it and what not.

The plugin was based on xhtml as input format. Actually due to the
nature of project it was based on table as raster. It was possible to
dynamically export images and text into defined positions (tagged
elements) of an indesign template.

the processing looks like:

user data (xhtml) + inx template = inx file

It is like this because the inx format is not documented anywhere (if
somebody from adope is subscribed, please send us some docu ;-)) and we
had to hook up our dynamic content into the indesign template (exported
as inx). I developed some java classes that were able to create some inx
elements and attributes but it is 1% of the total elements.

> Wäre toll wenn das noch klappen würde.

Translation: would be nice it we could use it.

Actually if you are willing to help, I want to develop an inx-plugin in
forrest that has nothing to do with the plugin code I wrote for the

I want to base it on xdocs (for now) and the forrest use case in
general. We have 2 weeks, that means we can have a very (!!!) basic inx
file on the end. I reckon I can make the images and some text work. It
would be only a proof of concept prototype. ;-)

The general problem is that all inx elements contain geographic
information in their attributes that have to be calculated by the
indesign renderer. That means a text box containing 100 words would be
rendered different as one containing 1 mio.. 

I solved this problem with templates that I used to place the text. In
the long run I am dreaming about using fo and write a transformer
fo2inx. That means we need to write a renderer for indesign. How is it
done with pdf?

Anyway, short answer: Yes we can write a basic inx plugin for the
presentation, but I need help with that. ;-)

If you still interested then I will try to start one. Ehmm, before I
forget, I see that as well as second format that is implementing
views. ;-)

> --
> Schönen Gruß
> Ferdinand


"Together we stand, divided we fall!" 
Hey you (Pink Floyd)

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