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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re: [views] ApacheCon workshop
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2005 05:15:33 GMT

Ross Gardler wrote:

> - to come away understanding how views (currently) work

    A presentation that walks us step by step through the architecture
    and shows examples for using every step would be ideal and a great
    start for whoever will write more documentation later on.

> - understand your vision for their future
> - develop that vision through brainstorming

    Since time is limited, perhaps we can merge both parts into a
    brainstorming session that gives us a list of things we expect
    from views in the future, then go strait from there into a
    discussion of what is possible and consensus and when this can be

    How about starting the list of things we expect right now to save
    even more time and allow non-Stuttgartians to contribute.

> - create an outline roadmap for views development and how they will
>   replace skins in 0.8


    This roadmap should ideally be very clear on the features we do
    expect to implement, will definitely not implement (for a reason),
    may implement.
David Crossley wrote:

> I want to see an outcome that enables us to clarify the
> direction so we can send a clear summary to the dev mailing list.

Yes, this is very important to me as well.

> Also improve the examples and documentation. That might happen
> on the hackathon day following the workshop.

I'd like to work on that if I understand enough during the workshop.
I'd also offer to go through and edit the some of the existing
documentation if I may?

Ferdinand Soethe

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