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From "Gregor J. Rothfuss" <>
Subject Re: Forrest + Lenya (Re: [PROPOSAL] A CMS for our Docs)
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2005 01:54:51 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:

> OK, along the same theme of quick hacks I've put a simple demo together 
> for you. To see it you need to checkout the locationmap_branch of 
> Forrest. Seed a fresh site, do "forrest run" and look at the locaitonmap 
> sample (last item in the samples menu).

cool, seems to work fine:

> There are a few things to note here:

> For a) you could have a look at the Daisy plugin (in the whiteboard of 
> the locationmap branch). This provides pre and post filters to documents 
> retrieved from daisy for doing things like URL rewriting and adding 
> additional content (such as a disclaimer that the content is from a 
> remote site, a license, a link back to the edit page for the document, 
> that kind of thing). I suspect that the way I am doing this stuff will 
> change when I find the time to get to grips with views.
> Although a long way from perfect I hope this is enough to illustrate how 
> to do the integration (see I told you it was easy with the locationmap :-))

so initially, people could write documents in lenya, publish them, and 
then head over to forrest(bot?) to slurp all these pages in? the precise 
workflow will of course have to be worked out.


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