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From "Gregor J. Rothfuss" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] A CMS for our Docs
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 15:45:18 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:

> Yes (at least for Daisy, don't know about Lenya). You can play around by 
> looking at the versions on Daisy home page at 

lenya doesn't have such a nice diff view yet, so it would have to be an 
external diff tool.

> The Lenya team seem a more willing to work *with* us on integrating 
> Forrest and Daisy. I have discussed the Daisy plugin on the Daisy dev 
> list, I offered to donate the code to them and work on it over there 
> since they have static only publication and books on their roadmap (both 
> of which can be achieved with Daisy + Forrest). However, they were not 
> interested, preferring insted to build their own system that was not 
> dependant on Forrest. Since I need the multiple input formats of Forrest 
> that leaves me on my own here :-(

the motivation for lenya is that forrest has traditionally been very 
strong on the publishing end of things, with ready to go pdf output, 
etc. this is something that we at lenya would have to reinvent 
eventually, were it not for forrest. fortunately, some committers have a 
foot in both communities, which should help with communication.

> Gregor says (in another reply on this thread) that a number of the Lenya 
> team are willing to help us out. The concern I have is how easy it is to 
> integrate Forrest as the publication engine. I've tried and failed in 
> the past, but now I've figured out the locationmap maybe it will be 
> easier. Furthermore Lenya has moved on a fair bit since my last attempt.

indeed. you were likely looking at 1.2 at the time, no? any integration 
should be based on trunk, which is much cleaner and easier to develop 
for (no more XSP / actions / ant task madness ;)

> I'm willing to work on either platform. I have a client using Daisy, 
> that is the only reason for my preference. If we have the excplicit help 
> of the Lenya team here then I would happily work with Lenya, although my 
> time will not be as copious as it would be for Daisy (at least till 
> Lenya convinces me it is better and I sell a Lenya + Forrest system to 
> someone ;-)


> It is my thinking that since Forrest is used by many projects within 
> Apache we should take it upon ourselves to develop and test a system 
> intended to be used across Apache. When we agree on how to do this we 
> should announce this on Infrastructure@a.o and invite interested parties 
> to come and help. As long as we have enough people committed here then 
> it will not matter if (when?) they do not come.
> I'm offering some of my time (post 0.7) to get this going.
> Can we count on the Lenya team to assist?

maybe this is another stepping stone for the doco proposal.

i have emphasized elsewhere that we need to start with the low hanging 
fruit (the raw html view seems a good start), while keeping the doco 
goals in mind.


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