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From Andreas Hartmann <>
Subject Re: Lenya and forrest integration
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 13:47:06 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> Gregor J. Rothfuss wrote:
>> Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> ...
>>> What do both projects think which one should become the main app (lenya
>>> or forrest)?
>> that's a funny question :)
>> afaik forrest has no workflow, user management etc, so if you need 
>> those, the answer would be pretty clear.
> I think the question is "should  Lenya become a Forrest plugin or 
> vice-versa". This is an important question because whichever is the 
> "main app" would have the ability to override functionality of the other.
> For my case I chose for the CMS to run separately from the publication 
> engine (Forrest) and only integrate at the publication level. This makes 
> the CMS a plugin for Forrest.  The advantage of this way around is that 
> it allows multiple CMS systems to provide content for multiple Forrest 
> based sites.
> On the other hand, if Forrest is embedded into Lenya as a presentation 
> engine I suspect you would only be able to use a single instance of 
> Lenya as a source for content. Whether this is a disadvantage or not 
> depends on the use case, for my own it is a problem.

If you need WYSIWYG browsing and editing in Lenya, I guess you'll have
to use Forrest (or parts of it) as a presentation engine. Actually it was
a design goal of Lenya to support (virtually) arbitrary Cocoon-based sites
as presentation engines, but of course this by far not possible.

My first idea would be to create a Forrest publication template [1]
which would support at least a subset of Forrest's rendering possibilities
and allow to add and edit documents (document-vXX, faq-vXX etc.).

The question is how to get Forrest to work as a Lenya publication,
not as a webapp on its own. Yesterday I did some experiments, but ran
into problems because the file system paths are not compatible. I'll
do some more investigation when I find the time.

Another way would be a publication template with a custom rendering
engine able to present Forrest documents in a basic, stripped-down
way, together with a simple navigation tree. That would probably be
sufficient to maintain a documentation website.
The drawback would be that you don't have WYSIWYG and miss some
features, the advantage is the low implementation entry barrier.


-- Andreas

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