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From Jerome Gotangco <>
Subject Re: using lenya / forrest for ubuntu documentation?
Date Sun, 12 Jun 2005 13:57:06 GMT
Hello Gregor and Sean,

I am glad to have checked my email late this weekend and even elated
to the growing interest our previous meetings and plans have been.

As for the issues regarding the use and integration of Lenya and
Forrest for the improvement of Ubuntu Documentation, I am sure we will
have a workable solution come the scheduled meeting on the 16th of
June. While the use of platform or technology is a touchy issue, the
Ubuntu developer and documentation community has recognized the need
for dialog for such, hence the scheduled meeting.

I am quite intersted in this project for it can help share the future
of Ubuntu documentaion in future releases. Sean, in case you are
interested in pursuing this, would a virtual server at
work? I will put this email correspondence on file and take it up with
the community during the meeting.

BTW, I am not subscribed to the apache/lenya lists.


Jerome Gotangco

On 6/12/05, Sean Wheller <> wrote:
> One problem I must warn of. It's a religious question, of Java, that you will
> need to overcome with the ubuntu community, especially people at canonical.
> Seems that Java is a 4-letter word in the ubuntu community because it is not
> free. It's silly, I know, but that is the reality. I don't think the
> ubuntu-doc team cares what technology is used so long as the solution works,
> so there is your support base, but higher up you may have resistance.
> Sometime, the people up top, bless their cotton socks, tend to forget that
> this is a community project. Sorry I speak it how I see it these days.
> I think that with Lenya Dev and Forrest Dev we can get a working robust
> solution. Should you fail in your attempts with Ubuntu, I have another
> opportunity.

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