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From Tim Williams <>
Subject cocoon protocols
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 04:22:04 GMT
I'd like to clarify my understanding of the use of cocoon protocols in
forrest.  The cocoon documentation says:
# context://  - get a resource using the servlet context
# cocoon:/ - get a pipeline from the current sitemap
# cocoon:// - get a pipeline using the root sitemap
# resource:// - get a resource from the context classloader

1) Are cocoon:/ and cocoon:// interchangable within the conceptual
sitemap space of forrest (e.g., \main\webapp\*.xmap)?  Anecdotally,
nothing seems to break when I modify existing ones.

2) The same doesn't appear to hold true of forrest-core.xconf as
things do break if the correct one isn't used.  Since all of them here
are to the root sitemap (e.g., cocoon://) is forrest-core.xconf
outside the forrest conceptual sitemap?

3) Are project specific sitemap.xmaps are separate root sitemaps or
extensions of the forrest application sitemap?

Sorry for the elementary questions...

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