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From Tim Williams <>
Subject locationmap - not finishing the pipeline
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2005 13:55:44 GMT
The second link in the locationmap wouldn't work because for some
reason it's trying to use the "file src" defined in forrest-core.xconf
and append it to the project-content-dir.  This is strange because it
apparently finds locationmap.xml with no problem for simple link
re-writing (the first sample).  I don't really know where to start but
for now I made the kludge even worse by hardcoding the absolute path
to locationmap.xml.  This gives me something to play with for now

Anyway, so I can successfully take the /locationmap/demo.xml and
return a real demo.xml from (my
slide repo).  Everythings pretty much hard coded for now mind you. 
Now the problems:  1) it strips the contents from demo.xml and is
essentially just a shell xml file.  2) it doesn't apply any skinning
to it -- it just returns the xml.  any pointers on where to start with


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