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From Ricardo Beltrán <>
Subject Re: Forrest as an XML repository
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2005 17:31:33 GMT
Thanks for your help!
I would consider seriously your opinions, by now we aren't sure to
start this project because we do not have the resources yet, but if I
use forrest to build it I will stay in contact with you trough the
mailing list

Best regards
Ricardo Beltran

On 03/06/05, Ross Gardler <> wrote:
> Juan Jose Pablos wrote:
> > FYI:
> >
> > Ricardo Beltran wrote:
> I've CC'd Ricardo on this reply - please reply all.
> ...
> >> My questions are: Do you think that Forrest is an appropriate framework
> >> for this purpose? and Do you think that Lucene or
> >> Google will do the job of indexing about (5 GB) of XML
> >> files?
> I can't comment with authority on the suitability of Google or Lucene
> for this as I have no experience. My gut is telling me that this is not
> the optimal solution.
> I do have a project that has around 8Gb of dynamic data being published
> via the Forrest webapp.
> The solution I employed, and one that appears to be working well, was to
> have the data in an XML enabled database, in this case we used Oracle,
> but we have successfully used XIndice and eXist in similar, smaller,
> projects in the past. I wrote a custom generator to retrieve the data
> from the DBMS.
> It should be noted that Cocoon has some database components that can be
> utilised (there is the results of some early experiments of I did with
> these components in the whiteboard plugin
> org.apache.forrest.plugin.Database). The reason I never completed work
> on this plugin was not a problem with it, but additional requirements
> that made it easier to build a custom generator (our requests were also
> dependant on live data from sensor readings over an RS232 port).
> The system has now been running for about 3 months and we are very happy
> with it. Because we are using a Database server as the repository we
> have all the indexing and optimisation provided by that server. We also
> have the benefit of a very expressive and mature search language.
> Of course, this solution requires that you run the system dynamically.
> Using Google to index your site would allow you to run statically.
> Trying to build a static site from 5GB of data would be a wonderful
> stress test, if you do this please report your findings to us.
> Ross

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