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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Submitting Patches
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 19:48:18 GMT
Anil Ramnanan wrote:
> How do I go about submitting patches when they include new files and 
> packages ?

The process of submitting is the same, but the process of generating the 
patch is slightly different (you probably know most of this, but I get 
round to the point eventually - honest ;-)

 From within Eclipse

Install the subclipse plugin

I'm not exactly sure how well this works, or how you use it as I use the 
command line options, it is harder to learn, but more controllable in 
the long run.

I think you add new files by right clicking on the file and selecting 
"Team | share" or "Team | add" or something like that. If there is no 
meaningful entry there then have a look in the synchronisation view.

I recommend learning the command line method, so...

 From the command line

NOTE: much more info is available at

First off, ensure you have the command line version of Subversion 
installed (


'svn up'

to make sure you have an up to date local copy. Check for any conflicts 
and resolve them where necessary


Test your work to ensure that the update didn't break anything


'svn diff'

Will show you the differences between your local copy and the remote 
copy. Check that there are no surprises in there, such as accidentally 
added files.


Now, if you are *absolutely* sure that there are no changes that should 
not be committed yet. You can use the command 'build patch' (located in 
FORREST_HOME/main to create your patch file.

You must be extremely careful using this command. If there are any 
changes within Forrest that are not relevant to your commit they will 
also be included. This makes it very difficult for devs to apply your 

If you have changes that you do not want to commit at this time then you 
need to build the patch manually. To do this you do:

'svn diff src/documentation/content/xdocs/faq.xml > faq.xml.diff'

the file you are building the patch for need not be a single file, it 
can be a directory, a list of files or a combination of both.

If you are adding new files along with patches to existing files then 
you will need to package these files, along with the diff file, in a zip 
file. Be sure to include the files with the correct path so that they 
are unpacked into the right location.


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