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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Requesting Comments on Eclipse Plugin Deliverables
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 08:58:36 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Woops, i had this prepared days ago but forgot to send.
> Anil Ramnanan wrote:
>>Here are the current deliverables that I intend to produce for the 
>>Summer of code project and the order in which I intend to do them. I was 
>>wondering if there were any comments from the community on them.
> Good idea to call for comments early.
> My first reaction is that it is very ambitous.

It is a considerable workload, but actually looks more than it really is.

The infrastructure for the wizards and editors are already in place 
either within Eclipse or within Lepido (which just released its initial 
code to CVS).

It's also worth noting that it is my decision, as mentor, as to whether 
Anil is deserving of the Google award at the end of the SoC period. I 
will, of course, be asking the PMC if we believe this to be the case. In 
other words, Anil need not necessarily implement everything, although 
clearly that is the objective.

Anil has sent me a revised schedule based on the feedback in this 
thread, he has tried to prioritise things for the community. Anil could 
you post it here to see if everyone agrees. We want to ensure that we 
put initial effort into what is important for the community.

>>July 20 - Editor and Add WAR file builder
>>August 3 - Wizards for New Site, Add Forrest Plugin and Add Views.
>>August 17 - Support of Multiple Web Apps
> Don't know about this. Is that an issue that needs to get solved
> at the core of forrest? I think we might have a Jira Issue already.
> However, maybe you mean something else.

No, because it is not possible to safely start/stop Jetty from an Ant 
script in Eclipse the Burrokeet project has created the servletEngine 
plugin (we donated it here now). This plugin can be easily adapted to 

a) start multiple instances of Jetty on different port numbers
b) add war files to an existing Jetty instance.

I'm not sure which is the best approach I think this will need 
discussing nearer the time.

>>August 27 - Repository Browser and Include from Repository Wizard
>>August - Project Completed
> These next comments are probably just implementation details
> but they seem to get forgotten on every project because they
> are not seen as milestones.
> Documentation: In this case probably doesn't need much user
> docs - should be self-explanatory.


It is important to understand that this does not mean highly detailed 
docs. But it does mean docs that will enable people to work with the 
products and build more detailed docs in the future.

I really like the way Eclipse handles this. They have a concept similar 
to our status.xml file and then use this to create a list of changes, 
much like we do with out projectInfo plugin. However, rather than 
entries that look like SVN commit messages they write basic 
documentation for new features and add notes on how it changes old 

For an example see:

Note that many entries include screen shots.

Other users then use this content to create the basis of user documentation.

I would love to see Forrest adopting this same process.

> It would be good to see that known lacks and assumptions
> are registered as Jira issues. Not expecting everything.



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