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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Donation of servlet control code (for Eclipse plugin)
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2005 10:42:16 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>The Burrokeet project ( voted to donate their 
>>Servlet controller code to the Apache Forrest project. This code 
>>improves the way that the Forrest Eclipse Plugin starts and stops the 
>>Jetty server. The Forrest code was already dependant on the Burrokeet 
>>code, but Burrokeet only uses it in conjunction with Forrest. Therefore, 
>>in order to remove the dependency of Forrest on Burrokeet the code has 
>>been donated here.
>>I have relicensed the code (I was the previous Copyright holder) and 
>>committed it to 
>>This resolves issue FOR-503
> Thanks.
> I see a number of issues:
> * duplicate jars, we already have some of them in forrest core.

Yes, I'm not quite sure how to best resolve this. The plugin is useful 
as a standalone plugin, so should really be self-contained. I'll raise 
an issue.

> * jars without accompanying licenses.
> * jar filenames not following our naming convention.

Sorry, Lazy, I will sort that out today.

> * compiled classes were committed together with a "build" directory
> at plugins/org.apache.forrest.eclipse.servletEngine/build/org/burrokeet/

Doh! Will sort.

> * bad URL for License in features/org.apache.forrest.eclipse.feature/feature.xml

Oh, I missed that, sorry.

> * Two references to org.burrokeet (in feature.xml and

That is because I had not moved the code over to ASF when Anil built the 
feature. Anil, can you patch this please.

> * bloated distribution.
> This commit r202158 added a huge quantity of data.
> Our svn checkout was 132816 kb before and 144516 kb after
> (an increase of 9%). We already have problems with the size
> of the distribution due to all the Cocoon stuff.

There is no need for this tool to be included in the distribution. How 
about we move the eclipse support stuff into a separate SVN tree?

Although, most of that bloat is from duplicated jars so the above issue 
may solve this.


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