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From Anil Ramnanan <>
Subject Re: Eclipse plugin update site
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2005 12:03:11 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:

> What concerns me is that your instructions say that I should put the 
> update site in SVN, however, this has three jars within it that are 
> all built from other code we have available to us (Burrokeet Servlet 
> control plugin, soon to be donated here, forrest plugin and the new 
> forrest feature you have created). This seems to be a waste of resources.
I looked at it and the update site can be placed on the SVN server 
without the jars. The jars are generated by Eclipse whenever you build 
the update site. As long as the structure of the project is intact and 
the site.xml file is there, you should not have a problem. The user can 
build the update site and that will generate the jars.

> As you can see I have restructured the SVN to allow us to keep the 
> various plugins and features you will be building in a logically 
> structured way.
> Having done this it seems to me that the site.xml file should now go 
> in the root of our tools/eclipse folder and therefore reuse the 
> plugins/features from tools/eclipse/plugins and tools/eclipse/features.
> Is this correct?
I have not updated from SVN yet so I don't know the current structure. 
After I update I can tell you more.


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