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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: release plan for 0.7
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2005 12:25:25 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> We are getting close now. Following the svn commits and the
> etc/RELEASE_PROCESS.txt you see what i have been doing today.
> We are up to the stage of waiting for the mirrors to update.
> Would someone else please send the announcement. However,
> you need to wait until the website is updated and the
> distribution mirrors are ready.

 > See etc/announce.txt for a template to get you started.

It will not be me, I'm about to leave the office for the day. Can 
someone else in Europe please step up to do this.

> The mirrors part is easy, just watch
> and decide when is a fair tradeoff. The main mirror
> received it at UTC 02:00 (so 6.5 hours ago).
> The website part was tricky, but should now automatically happen.
> It is rsynced from every two hours. After the
> last run i did ssh and removed everything,
> then did a new 'svn co' of forrest/site repository. So on the
> next run we should have our shiny new website. That should be
> around one hour away.

Removed *everything*. Does that mean the plugin docs as well? These are 
deployed separately.

I'll ensure these are OK during the afternoon (I'm at a clients but 
typing "ant deploy" now and again shuldn't be a problem for me.

> There are a few other things to finish off in RELEASE_PROCESS.txt
> Can someone else do those, e.g. Jira needs tweaks.

Again, I can't do this today. Can someone else find half an hour to 
finish off?

> I am away out to dinner and cards tonight. Celebratration time.

You deserve a good run at the cards table for all your hard work. Good luck.


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