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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Transcript of release build session
Date Sat, 18 Jun 2005 00:30:06 GMT
In response to recent valid concerns regarding the use of other 
communication mediums for Forrest related work I have copied below the 
transcript of the Skype session between David and myself building the 
releases. There is nothing of any real interest in there, it is all in 
the release process file in a much more readable form. But just in case 
we missed something, here it is.

(I suppose by posting this here I am showing that in fact there are 
valid uses for IRC)


[23:06:57] Ross Gardler says: Good morning David,

I hope you had a good nights rest.

I thought we could use the IM of Skype unless things go wrong and we 
need to talk to one another. This way we can post the transcript to the 
dev list.

I'm currently in the process of building from revision r191220

I'll sign it and upload to my apache space, you can grab it from there.

Is there anything else I should be doing for you?
[23:08:08] David Crossley says: just follow etc/RELEASE_PROCESS.txt
[23:08:31] David Crossley says: Not too much IM typing i hope. I am slow 
[23:09:19] Ross Gardler says: OK, as you can tell from my wordiness I am 
a fast typer. Anyway, I'm following a long and only ask questions if 
necessary (no need to reply
[23:09:28] David Crossley says: i am doing a check of the SVN eol-style 
properties. Just did dos line=endings test
[23:10:01] David Crossley says: so hold on for a few minutes
[23:10:07] Ross Gardler says: OK
[23:13:06] David Crossley says: what svn revision number are you using. 
cd forrest; svn info ... i get 19119
[23:15:07] Ross Gardler says: I have 191220. I did an svn up, there were 
no updates but the version increased from 19119 even without any commits 
(must be commits on other projects).

Perhaps we should both do svn up now?
[23:18:38] David Crossley says: I gather that that top number is for the 
whole ASF repository, so when others change, it increments.
[23:19:08] David Crossley says: i am just doing a test by committing to 
another repository
[23:19:29] Ross Gardler says: Yes, that was what I guessed. Should we 
both do an svn up now to try and synch numbers, or are you happy?
[23:19:36] Ross Gardler says: OK
[23:21:11] David Crossley says: we need to know the exact number later
[23:21:46] David Crossley says: Hmm, i think i was wrong, that other 
commit had no effect on our number.
[23:22:00] David Crossley says: so i just did 'svn up'
[23:22:20] David Crossley says: 181220
[23:22:25] David Crossley says: 191220
[23:22:58] David Crossley says: Okay the svn:eol-style are all okay.
[23:23:22] Ross Gardler says: OK, that is what I have.

  Looks like we can proceed with the build.

I just realised that I don't have JDK 1.4 on this machine. Have been 
downloading for a while now, got about 20 minutes to go.
[23:23:52] David Crossley says: Okay, no rush.
[23:24:28] Ross Gardler says: I'll go refill my wine glass while I wait. 
See you in about 25 minutes
[23:24:34] David Crossley says: I will go start building and testing 
mine. Do you have any Qs about the process.
[23:24:58] Ross Gardler says: No Qs All looks fine. I did some test 
signings earlier on so I think I'm OK with that too
[23:25:10] David Crossley says: I had better get an early morning coffee 
and move on to harder stuff later
[23:26:01] Ross Gardler says: Thank goodness for diofferent time zones. 
I'm too tired to concentrate on fiddly stuff. See you after the Cofee/wine
[23:42:35] David Crossley says: Actually i take back my "test" about svn 
revision numbers. I was doing it for a private part of the ASF 
repository. The numbers do change, as i expected
[23:43:56] David Crossley says: so we do 'cd forrest; svn up; svn info' 
... which says "Last Changed Rev: 19199"
[23:47:21] Ross Gardler says: Yes, I have 191199 as my Last Changed 

JDK 1.4 now aroun 8 minutes to go
[23:59:53] Ross Gardler says: OK JDK 1.4 installe proceeding with build
[00:00:40] David Crossley says: i have mine build, just starting some 
testing now
[00:03:07] David Crossley says: Argh, testing 'forrest' on site-author 
... we have a broken site link to my recent FAQ. Bad boy me didn't test 
[00:03:56] Ross Gardler says: OK, I'm having trouble convincing windows 
to use JDK 1.4 anyway (I hate windows too difficult to do anything under 
the hood).

Let me know when I should update
[00:04:09] David Crossley says: k
[00:09:27] Ross Gardler says: I'm having trouble getting windows to use 
JDK 1.4, I've set JAVA_HOME and my PATH variable had %JAVA_HOME%\bin but 
java -version still shows JDK 1.5.

o you know windows at all? Any ideas?
[00:10:16] David Crossley says: the only thing that i know about windows 
is to run fast in the opposite direction
[00:10:37] Ross Gardler says: Bye then :))
[00:11:22] David Crossley says: Ferdinand had trouble with that too when 
we built RC1. He asked on our dev list and someone had an answer.
[00:11:36] Ross Gardler says: OK, thanks I'll look in the archives
[00:14:21] Ross Gardler says: Got it (thanks Gregor). There is a 
java.exe in WIndows/system32 - rename that and all works.

shall I do the svn up?
[00:15:59] David Crossley says: yes, so that now gives r191223
[00:17:48] Ross Gardler says: That looks good I have r191223
[00:18:32] David Crossley says: okay, i am building mine now.
[00:25:00] David Crossley says: Done signing and md5, so now doing 'scp 
*' and will do some more local tests while that is 
[00:26:09] Ross Gardler says: Good idea I was running tests, I will 
follow your time saving lead (thank goodness, back to Cygwin now)
[00:31:25] Ross Gardler says: can you please remind me of the scp 
command to upload to my account
[00:31:55] David Crossley says: Did you name the file 
"" and the .asc and .md5 with the same basename? 
Th eRELEASE_PROCESS.txt talks about RC1.
[00:32:21] Ross Gardler says: Yes, I spotted that one, thanks for the 
Heads up
[00:33:21] David Crossley says: Well for me it is 'scp *.*' ... as long as your user name is the same on both 
sides, otherwise 'scp *.*'
[00:40:24] Ross Gardler says: Well I should have remembered that!

Files are on the way up.

Following tests done OK:

cd main
build test

cd site-author
forrest site

mkdir test
cd test
forrest seed
forrest site

Now testing on a couple of local "difficult" sites


Shall I move the files over to a directory of yours? If so, where would 
you like them (not fully uploaded yet, no rush)
[00:43:24] David Crossley says: At ~crossley/public_html/forrest-07-rc2/ 
and make sure that they are group 'forrest' and group writable so that i 
can remove them later.
[00:55:26] Ross Gardler says: The files are in your directory. Now 
downloading from there. Will verify signature and md5 checksum
[01:01:24] David Crossley says: mine there too. I will now download and 
[01:11:02] David Crossley says: We do not need to do thorough tests 
today, just sufficient to know that all is basically okay. The more now 
the better of course, but don't stay up all night.
[01:12:41] Ross Gardler says: I just want to verify the download (almost 
complete) then I'm done.

I have a patch for the release process document regarding the problem 
with WIndows and java versions, can I commit it tonight?
[01:12:55] David Crossley says: I am now trying to figure out the 'svn 
merge' to update the forrest_07_branch. Will send email to dev list to 
be sure. Then i will compose the next emails to ask for testing and for 
us to vote.
[01:13:43] David Crossley says: I have changes to RELEASE_PROCESS.txt 
too. Lets hold onto them for a little while, until the merge is done.
[01:13:58] Ross Gardler says: OK
[01:17:56] Ross Gardler says: ZIP file downloaded and verified as correct.

I'll post this transcript to the dev list to wrap up this section of the 

Unless there is more I need to do I'm going to bed (I'm still willing to 
help if necessary, but I do want to get up early to watch the Lions game)

I'll be here for at least another 10 minutes while I put windows and 
Forrest back the way they were. Just shout if you need more doing.
[01:19:08] David Crossley says: Can you cast you eye over my 'svn merge' 
command, just sent email to dev.
[01:22:31] David Crossley says: No more needed from you thanks.
[01:23:12] Ross Gardler says: It looks good to me. I would use:

-r 190503:HEAD instead of -r 190503:191224

but it shuold have the same effect.
[01:23:56] David Crossley says: Yep, i wondered that too. Thanks.
[01:25:47] David Crossley says: Okay Ross, sleep well. You are lucky 
that we didn't need another all-nighter.
[01:26:44] Ross Gardler says: Absolutely. One of the downsides of using 
Skype for VOIP is that noboday really knows how hard you and Ferdinand 
worked on those docs.

My machine is now back in order. Hae a good day.

Good night

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