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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject [VOTE] build patch Re: testing 0.7rc1 - build failed
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2005 13:13:26 GMT
Thread moved to dev list, please direct replies there.

Ross Gardler wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
>> David Crossley wrote:
>>> Roland Becker wrote:
>>>> system: w2ksp4
>>>> java: jdk1.5.0_03
>>>> 1. download 0.7rc1
>>>> 2. unpack
>>>> 3. set environment
>>>> 4. cd mysite
>>>> 5. forrest seed
>>>> 6. forrest
>>>> X [0]                                     
>>>> docs/plugins/index.html       BROKEN:
>>>> C:\usr\apache-forrest-0.7\whiteboard\plugins\whiteboard-plugins.xml 
>>>> (Das System
>>>> kann den angegebenen Pfad nicht finden)
>>> Thanks for testing. Yes i get that too.
>> I don't see that behaviour in today's trunk (r190851).
>> So i presume that it is fixed.
> No it is not fixed. The plugins/index.html file is generated from the 
> plugins.xml file in the plugins directory. This has not been included in 
> the build and so it is missing. It works with trunk because you have it 
> checked out.
> I will alter the build file so that the plugins subdirectory, the 
> plugins.xml, the build.xml and the plugin-template are all present in 
> the distribution. This will allow users to build plugins.

Hmmm... correction (I had guessed this was the problem)...

In actual fact *all* plugins files *except* the ones needed were being 
copied into the distribution.

The plugin source files should not be in the distribution, but instead 
should be downloaded on demand by Forrest.

I've created a small patch (see attached) for the build file that 
exludes all plugins except the PDF output plugin (since ths is enabled 
by default on a new site) and includes the missing files that caused the 
above problem.

I will apply this patch tomorrow AM (GMT) assuming that nobody casts a -1


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