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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Treatment of non-versioned docs (Re: New documentation structure, next steps)
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 10:56:50 GMT
Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
>>- To keep things simple we have started out by making a lot of
>>  documentation 'versioned' thus increasing the volume of our
>>  site-author-directory quite a bit.
>>  In the upcoming weeks I'd like to go through the documentation and
>>  move items like the dtd-documentation back into a directory 'docs'
>>  since there is no need for versioning these with Forrest releases.
>>  This will mean no visible change to the user interface as the
>>  documents will still show under versioned docs (because they may or
>>  may not be available in one specific version) but it means that
>>  both versions will link to the same file.

I'd say put a temporary hold on that, read on...

>>= We might eventually admit to having some non-versioned Forrest
>>    docs and show them as a separate Tab. But I don't like this idea
>>    because I prefer to have all documentation items on a version
>>    to be in one menu (so that newbies can find and read all docs by
>>    going through one menu).
>>    A possible solution might be to utilize Davids great new MOTD hack
>>    and imprint a different message to docs that reside in the non
>>    versioned docs-folder.
>>    So a dtd-documentation residing in docs would show in the
>>    versioned docs menu but when you open it have a MOTD saying 'This
>>    is non-versioned documentation that applies to more than one
>>    version of Forrest'.
>>    Adding an 'applies to'-information at the top of the document
>>    would in my eyes make this complete.

The Locationmap is what you need for managing these docs. Wait until you 
have the time to understand the locationmap and do it that way. I think 
we will be able to design a great solution.

We can discuss after the locationmap branch is merged with trunk. (this 
does not affect the MOTD idea, which I like)


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