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From Addi <>
Subject View HowTos small questions
Date Sun, 12 Jun 2005 22:42:15 GMT
I've been going through the View HowTos, which are really spot on and 
easy to follow (thanks Thorsten!).

As I'm going, I have been doing a little reader editing, mainly small 
typos or just sentence flow kind of things.  I do have some 
documentation clarification questions that I wasn't sure about.

in View Install:
    The note on why we set leather-dev as the default skin states:
"We exchanging only site2xhtml.xsl of leather-dev skin by the plugins 
and some contracts are based on e.g. document2html.xsl output of 
I wasn't sure what exchanging the .xsl by the plugins really meant.  
Does this mean to say that the plugins require leather-dev's 
site2xhtml.xsl or is something actually getting exchanged between 
leather-dev and views?

in View DSL:
    1) When we create our first view it says to create a file named 
"index.ft".  As we proceed and add the contract-main, the HowTo states 
what our "index.fv" file should look like.  I'm assuming the first is a 
typo?  I wanted to check before I changed it.
    2) When creating the custom css file it says to save it to 
{project:skins-dir}{path} and the example goes to 
...src/documentation/skins/css... but skins/css/ does not exist in the 
src dir from a forrest seed so maybe it should be made clear that you 
need to create those dirs?

If you want to see my patch, should I open a new issue to submit it or 
do you have an issue open that you would rather I attach to?


PS: I agree with Ross, Views Rocks!

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