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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: packaging views - how's it work?
Date Sun, 12 Jun 2005 21:23:07 GMT
Tim Williams wrote:
> I've taken my first look at views and this is great stuff.  One thing
> I don't grasp is how they're "packaged" in the same way that skins
> are.  It seems that if I create customizations in
> {project-dir}\src\documentation\resources\templates\*.fv or even
> FORREST_HOME\build\plugins\org.apache.forrest.plugin.output.viewHelper.xhtml\resources
> then I'd want to be able to offer those up to someone else in the same
> way that skins can be.  Without a subdirectory for a each named view,
> I dont' understand how that happens?  Would one just implement another
> viewXYZ / viewHelperXYZ plugin combo?

 From what I can see there is currently no packaging system for views. 
This is one of my must-haves. But I've not brought it up yet, because 
I'm still only just starting to explore.

Remember, views are still in the whiteboard. They are quite incomplete 
still (excellent, but incomplete). After 0.7 is out, I would like to see 
views and the locationmap stuff come into trunk almost immediately. Then 
we can really get to grips with this brand new feature views) and old, 
but unused feature (locationmap).


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