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From "Gregor J. Rothfuss" <>
Subject using lenya / forrest for ubuntu documentation?
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2005 17:00:03 GMT
hello ubuntu community,

i just came across


The meeting quickly reviewed the requirements at DocTeamWebPortal. Sean 
said that Docbook Wiki had been hopeless but that Apache Lenya was 90% 
there. He said that the only thing needed was development time to extend 
the editors for structured authoring. Noone was able to estimate the 
development time needed. Corey said that MarkShuttleworth had not given 
any specific limits on the amount of development he was prepared to 
commit and that therefore the development should be proposed and 
Canonical could take it from there. Mary reminded Corey of her message 
re JeffWaugh (if someone mails Jeff a proposal, he can advise how best 
to push it into the appropriate Canonical channels). Corey wanted Sean 
to follow up with Jeff because Sean has done the research into possible 

i wanted to alert you guys to an ongoing development over at the ASF. we 
are in the process of eating our own dogfood, and making steps toward a 
documentation system that might fit your bill:

more specifically, we are starting small by collaborating between 
forrest and lenya to get something up quickly, and eventually converge 
on the goals described in the Doco proposal.

i invite you to help shape it (or even lurk ;)

here are some threads to get started:



ps: i'm not subscribed to your list

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